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DUI Defense Lynnwood WADUI Defense Lynnwood WA

DUI Defense Lynnwood WA Attorney Marke Schnackenberg. Have you been arrested for DUI in the surrounding cities of Seattle, Everett, Edmonds and in the counties of Kings or Snohomish?  You are not alone, did you know that on average over 100 persons are arrested for this offense in both King and Snohomish Counties every month.

The next step is to find the best attorney for you and your case.  Some of you might find an attorney through a referral from their friends or family.  This is how most of my clients over my years of practice have learned about me.  Others might find an attorney on the internet.

The internet has many lawyers advertising there.  Many say impressive things about themselves.  It is important to look at the facts.  The fact that I am a former prosecutor for the City of Seattle and the State of Washington seems to be important to my clients because I consequently understand both sides of the offense and all it’s defenses.  Also important is the fact that have now over 20 years of experience practicing law in many courts and before many judges.

What seems most important to my clients is that I a honest, effective and I offer affordable fees.  I actually take your case very seriously and become the lawyer that you wish to have.  That is someone who will not exaggerate, who understands how to defend your case, someone who you can rely upon, and someone who will return your calls.  And, this is why referrals in this area of the law have been the backbone of my practice since 1995.

So, whether you have any questions or concerns about this DUI charge that you are facing, just give me a call and know that I have helped hundreds of persons with DUI to effectively resolve this important situation.

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DUI Court Process

Lynnwood Justice Center, Washington

DUI Court Process in Lynnwood WA

DUI Court Process, what to expect when you go to court at the Lynnwood Municipal Court for a DUI charge:The courthouse located on near 44th Ave. West and 194th St. in Lynnwood, Washington. This red brick building from the 1970s houses the Lynnwood Police Department, Lynnwood City Jail, and the Lynnwood Municipal Court. The Court itself sits on the second, or top, floor, and up there is the court clerk’s office, the court’s probation department, and the Lynnwood Municipal Court’s courtroom. Running the Lynnwood Municipal Court is the presiding Judge Stephen Moore, who assumed this role in 2000. He has a background in prosecution with the King County Prosecutor’s Office and he was raised in Tacoma, Washington.
Now, for a person being summoned into court, it can be a very nervous experience. Having an experienced attorney at your side, like myself, will make the situation calmer for you. I will explain the process then and now for you, so you will not be in the dark and will be as comfortable as possible. This is my goal.

First, the court’s guard at the door upstairs will initially search us, just as if we were going to the airport to board a plane. So, it is generally best to limit the amount and type of carry-on material when going through this stage to have less intrusive searching of your person. I limit the amount of metal objects in my pockets, etc., when I go to any courtroom. And I have visited courtrooms about 2,000 times in my career thus far. Here, less carried is better.
Next, we will be appearing in front of the judge for our first appearance, which is usually called the arraignment. But first, I will confer with the prosecutor there, who is the venerable Mr. A. James Zachor, his partner Melanie Dane-Thomas, Zachor’s son “Jimmy,” or with many of the other attorneys that have been hired to represent the City of Lynnwood to prosecute you.

After that, I will be with you and you soon will be making a plea of not guilty with me. At that time, I will be talking to the judge about your pre-trial conditions. Finally, the judge will order pre-trial conditions for you to follow and you will receive future court dates for us to appear at. The conditions that are set by Judge Moore might include an ignition-interlock device or an alcohol-detecting bracelet, dependent upon any DUI history. Your input is essential for me in representation and your account of what occurred is essential towards preparing your defense.

In about a week or so, I will receive the police report and other evidence that might be used against you, photographs, video, audio recordings, etc. I will consult with you throughout the case, so you know exactly what can possibly happen, and with the alleged victim, usually the store, as soon as possible. And, rest assured, I will find the best defense and fight for you all along the way.  Schnackenberg Law offers affordable fees.  Ask about our fee structure.

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Lynnwood DUI Defense

Lynnwood DUI Defense – Have the best Attorney working for you!

Have the advantage of a superior DUI lawyer working for you.  A former prosecutor for the City of Seattle and the State of Washington who’s handled over 12,000+ criminal cases in his career, “including over 800 DUI’s in the cities of Lynnwood and Edmonds.  And, mostly by referral!”

You should allow me and the representation of my office to help you.  I know exactly what is happening and what to do for you now.  I am committed to helping you in your situation.  I am ready and willing to put all of my experience to work for you, whether it is in Court and before the Department of Licensing.
 Sobriety Test - Failure

I completely know how the prosecution against you works.  I know their strategy and their mindset.  “I know all the defenses.”  If you would like my help please call me or fill out the  contact form.  Give yourself the advantage with my knowledge and long-standing experience on your side to fight for you.  And, trust that I will stand by you because you are important and I am committed to helping you!  I promise to take the time to listen patiently to you and to work skillfully on your behalf.  Because of this, I have won many dismissals of charges and have kept literally hundreds of good persons from going to jail, from expensive treatment, or from loosing your licenses.  This can mean a life-changing difference for you, for your family or for your future.  Results truly matter. And you must have someone who believes in producing them for you!

Remember that since my professional success is depends on you, your case result is as important to me it is to you.  And, as your attorney, I will fight effectively for you and be mindful of you as a person who deserves to to heard and have your wishes respected.  I also understand that  your time and money are not limitless and deserve not to be wasted in representing you.  And, please know that I always strive to practice in the most effective and client-centered manner possible.   Please read what others have said about me.

“There are several testimonials that my past clients have posted in this website.  Be sure to see what other have to say.”


It is important to involve a defense attorney who can help you avoid these DUI consequences. I have handled over 12,000 criminal cases and I am ready to put my experience to work for you at your DOL hearing and in court.

You must have questions,  please call me to discuss some of these below.

What is physical control?
Types of DUI including:
Drug DUI, Multiple Offenses, Underage DUI
DOL Hearings
Deferred Prosecution
Testing issues for Blood & Breath Tests & Field Sobriety Tests
Negligent Driving in the First Degree
License Suspension
Ignition Interlock License
Implied Consent Law

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How Police Determine DUI

How police determine a charge of DUI?

In the State of Washington, DUI or Physical Control are very serious charges to be facing.  These charges can put you in jail for a day to a year depending on the outcome and your past.  You can also lose your license to drive, be ordered to undergo expensive treatment, and pay heavy fines. You can be placed on probation and be ordered to have an Ignition Interlock Device and alcohol detecting ring on your ankle 24/7.   Your rights to travel outside of the county can also be affected.  And, if that is not enough, one’s immigration status can be seriously impacted by a conviction of DUI.

In Washington an individual can be charged with DUI if your blood alcohol content is 0.08% or higher for an adult or 0.02% or higher if you are under the age of 21. You can also be charged with DUI if you refuse the breath test or if the officer believes that you are under the influence of alcohol regardless of whether your breath test is under a 0.08.

DUI Sobriety Test by Police Officer Lynnwood WA

Have you been pulled over and arrested for DUI?  Has a police officer said that you failed some field sobriety tests or a portable breath test?  Have you been summoned to court for an arraignment?  Then, you need my proven skill to help you as soon as possible because you may be in danger of facing:


Having Bail Being Set on You
Ignition Interlock Device
Alcohol Detecting Ankle Device 
Loss of Driver’s License
Alcohol/Drug Treatment
Loss of Immigration Status
Loss of Ability to Travel
You need a DUI Lawyer in Snohomish County?  You have come to the right place.
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Consequences of DUI

Consequences of DUI

DUI charges have life-long consequences.  A DUI charge cannot be removed from your record for the rest of your life and can carry long-term treatment consequences too.  If you need to drive, DUI can carry a loss of license that can cripple your able to work and live normally. You may even be required to wear an alcohol monitoring device on your ankle 24/7 and this would be uncomfortable to say the least.  364 days of jail can be imposed.  Heavy fines, costly treatment, and paying for any damages that might have caused by you, called restitution, can be part of a DUI and Hit and Run.

Obviously, DUI charges are a very serious matter and have many consequences.  For this reason, You Need to Have a lawyer experienced in the Lynnwood and Edmonds Courts to represent you.  I have represented over 800 persons for DUI in the cities of Lynnwood and Edmonds.    “And, for many persons, the final result was a reduction of charge or a dismissal of the case!”   I thoroughly understand these courts and have appeared in front of their judges literally countless times. And, I know how to negotiate with the prosecution.

Lets Talk About Your DUI Case, Lynnwood WAI also understand that it can be difficult to know what to do in the face of a DUI charge or a Hit and Run charge.  You need a lawyer to be familiar with these charges and with these courts to give you the best legal representation.You deserve to have your rights and your future protected. Contact me now so I can help you and give you the legal guidance and representation that you need and deserve.
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